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Featured Tribe

J'Maari of the Ou-Ti and his people

The leader of the Ou-ti people is a shaman and chief who speaks many earth dialects but declines the speech of Men. As his tribe attempts to assimilate outsiders into their culture, and as the children of Men find themselves in the world of the Ou-Ti, J'Maari uses an interpreter, Inu'a.

"Man is no longer good at sharing. He has lost important ways of being and seeing, recognizing himself far better than he recognizes anything else. He does not like to think he rose from the dirt, as the flowers do.

The Ou-Ti believe that disconnection from origins in nature gives Man a false sense of power.

"Only with the Elder ways will Man walk many paths into the future. If the End ways continue to be his path, he will no longer exist in the world."